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My New Mansion

Moved to the new mansion yesterday.

My arms are sore right now from lugging around my big bag. Although, it has wheels to make it easier, it is not those vertical types with the high trolley handles. It tilts very low so I have to exert some effort to drag it. Anyway, I made it through somehow.

I posted some pics of the my new room over at my multiply site, if you’d like to see. The only major difference from the old to the new room is that it HAS INTERNET!!! \o/


Osaka Day 1 – Osaka, Here I Come!

After more than two years working at a Japanese company, I have been, by some stroke of divine intervention, finally in Japan! I have decided to log this momentous event in my life by blogging my day-to-day misadventures here! I hope I can sustain writing about my sojourn in Osaka 😀