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Gadget: Duck Fadar – Come To The Duck Side

I have been secretly studying on how to become an evil overlord, learning the art of betrayal, fine tuning the pitch of my sinister laughter, brushing up on my list of lies and alibis, and a whole lot more of sinful acts (more of that next time).

Today, I would like to discuss one of the most overlooked part of being a villain — hygiene.

As it seems, even morally filthy evil beings find hygiene to be an important part of their malicious existence. Of course, what separates us from normal beings, is that we have a certain artifact as a bath companion.

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Gadget: Light Saber Umbrella – Secrets From the Jedi

Yes, the Force is with us this glorious day, my young Padawan. For today, I shall reveal to you one of the Jedi’s well-kept secrets.

Interested are we?

Then come and join me as I delve into the mysterious workings of the Jedi and answer one of life’s most perplexing questions–how do the Jedi protect themselves from the scorching heat and the drenching rain?

Well then, my young Padawan, your patience will be rewarded for the answers are just a few pixels away…

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