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White February

The month of hearts has finally come, where there may be more than just cupid’s arrows falling from the heavens.

After a week of hard work and coming home in the break of morning, I slept and woke up at 10AM today. I peeked through the window, without my glasses, and thought it was raining. I let out a dejected sigh because I don’t like it when it rains, especially on a weekend when I am free to walk around and enjoy Osaka. I rubbed my eyes and reached for my glasses. Still slightly suffering for the morning daze, I focused my eyes. To my amazement, it wasn’t rain pouring–it was SNOW!!! Lots of it!!!

I grabbed a jacket and went up to Bernice’s room to tell her tha, “OMGZZZZZZZZZZ IT’S SNOWING!!!!! OMGZZZZZZZZ!!!”


Osaka Day 3 – Close Encounter with a Bishie


We were running late for our second day of work. It was another hectic morning to the office and we barely made it on time. On top of that, I did not see any school boys 😦


Osaka Day 1 – Osaka, Here I Come!

After more than two years working at a Japanese company, I have been, by some stroke of divine intervention, finally in Japan! I have decided to log this momentous event in my life by blogging my day-to-day misadventures here! I hope I can sustain writing about my sojourn in Osaka 😀