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Retro Blog Entry: Trash Bin Murder

Warning: Not for the faint of heart, blog entry circa 2005


I witnessed a horrible crime last night… You would always think that bad things only happened to other people, but never to yourself. You would think that it would just be the stuff that you would hear about over the radio or watch on prime-time news, but never something that you would actually live through.

I can’t keep it in anymore! I need to share what happened… I really need to let this out. Keeping it would only make me even more restless than I already am. My friends told me to keep my mouth shut… Oh God, you know I tried to forget about it. For the sake of my friends, I’ve tried to shut out what happened… but it keeps haunting me… I’m driving myself mad… ARGH!!!

I’M SORRY GUYS… I HAVE TO CONFESS… I hope they’ll forgive me… for this betrayal that I am about to commit…

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