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New Camera?

I am planning to buy a new camera. I’ve done a bit of research and I am learning towards Sony DSC-H3, one of their compact long zoom variant, boasting a 10x zoom and 8.01 megapixels. I’ve read both site reviews and user reviews, they all seem to like it a lot. Of course, every camera has flaws and I am well aware of the H3’s.

What I like about the H3 though, aside from its small size for a long zoom and its price is the “enthusiast” feel of it. It can pass up as a point and shoot, but also provides some manual controls. It has a pop-up flash and a beautiful lens. I am just a casual photographer, but I would like to pursue it as an more serious hobby. I am not up for the SLRs, they are too expensive. Also, I already have several Sony devices, thus I am not turned off by the use of Sony’s proprietary memory sticks.

I am planning to buy it at Yodobashi camera or Bic Camera. They have a nice system where you can get a discount on your next purchase. The H3 is priced at ¥33,100, that’s about P13,000~P14,000. With their discount system, I get a discount of ¥3,310 on my next purchase. So, let’s say I buy the extra battery which costs ¥5,280, but since I have a discount, I’ll get the battery for just ¥1970!

If you guys have any better models in mind, please do share 😀 If not, then help me decide between the black or silver H3. Thanks in advance.


Let Sleeping Dogs Lie (Literally)

Another shot taken from Tubod, my mom’s hometown. This is a picture of a neighbor’s sleeping dog.

Let sleeping dogs lie

From afar, I thought this was a sleeping person

Several questions come to mind after seeing this with my four eyes:

  1. How did the dog balance himself there?
  2. Is this a common scene in the province?
  3. Is this really a dog?
  4. Does anyone else find this oddly amazing?

When you tell someone to ‘let sleeping dogs lie’ it means you want that person to not interfere or disturb the situation to avoid complications, as how we shouldn’t wake up a sleeping dog lest we want to be bitten or growled at.


Shot of the Provincial Life

Picture taken from my trip recently to my mother’s hometown, Tubod.

Scene from the provincial life

A quiet afternoon in the province…