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New Camera?

I am planning to buy a new camera. I’ve done a bit of research and I am learning towards Sony DSC-H3, one of their compact long zoom variant, boasting a 10x zoom and 8.01 megapixels. I’ve read both site reviews and user reviews, they all seem to like it a lot. Of course, every camera has flaws and I am well aware of the H3’s.

What I like about the H3 though, aside from its small size for a long zoom and its price is the “enthusiast” feel of it. It can pass up as a point and shoot, but also provides some manual controls. It has a pop-up flash and a beautiful lens. I am just a casual photographer, but I would like to pursue it as an more serious hobby. I am not up for the SLRs, they are too expensive. Also, I already have several Sony devices, thus I am not turned off by the use of Sony’s proprietary memory sticks.

I am planning to buy it at Yodobashi camera or Bic Camera. They have a nice system where you can get a discount on your next purchase. The H3 is priced at ¥33,100, that’s about P13,000~P14,000. With their discount system, I get a discount of ¥3,310 on my next purchase. So, let’s say I buy the extra battery which costs ¥5,280, but since I have a discount, I’ll get the battery for just ¥1970!

If you guys have any better models in mind, please do share 😀 If not, then help me decide between the black or silver H3. Thanks in advance.


Osaka Day 4 – Getting to Know Umeda and Nanba


We were scheduled to go to Umeda for some shopping and sale hunting! We went to HEP Five, a building with a big red ferris wheel on top. We tried to find UNIQLO, the Japanese version of Giordano, or so they say. UNIQLO was a bit elusive at first, but after seeking help from some of the locals and a cute-looking guy, we were able to arrive at our destination. Unfortunately, we were a bit early at 10AM. Most of the shops were scheduled to open at 11AM.

I stopped to observe the passerbys. Contrary to common belief, a lot of families go out during the weekends. I saw a lot of ultra kawaii (cute) kids with their parents merrily walking and spending some quality time together. The Japanese are not as workaholic as they appear to be. The kids looked adorable donning their winter wear, with their teeny tiny bubble jackets and all. All of them seem to have a healthy blush on them, which only magnified their cuteness and moe factor >__< I would have liked to take a picture with them, but I’m afraid that the parents might call the police on me shouting “PEDO!!! PEDO!!!”


Been Busy

… with extracurricular stuff. It has been a while since I posted here. I have been meaning to write about my trip to Singapore, but haven’t gotten around to doing so *takes an excuse from a long list* because I have been busy transferring my anime blog to a new server.

You probably guessed it by now, this is a shameless plug for my newly revamped anime blog disguised as a post. So, we’re launching it today, I am running it with two other people.  You’ll find information about anime, manga, live action adaption, games, figures and other anime merchandise, and all sorts of anime-related stuff. I hope you guys will take a look at it *beautiful eyes* and leave a comment or two, it will be greatly appreciated.

I promise to do my Singapore post, complete with pictures, as soon as possible, so look forward to that.


Gadget: Duck Fadar – Come To The Duck Side

I have been secretly studying on how to become an evil overlord, learning the art of betrayal, fine tuning the pitch of my sinister laughter, brushing up on my list of lies and alibis, and a whole lot more of sinful acts (more of that next time).

Today, I would like to discuss one of the most overlooked part of being a villain — hygiene.

As it seems, even morally filthy evil beings find hygiene to be an important part of their malicious existence. Of course, what separates us from normal beings, is that we have a certain artifact as a bath companion.

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Gadget: Self-Stirring Mug – This Is INSTANT Coffee

Tired of doing the same old routine of stirring your coffee?

Is washing spoons just not your cup of tea?

Have fears of possibly getting blind because of the evil teaspoon sticking out from your mug while you are trying to enjoy your beverage?

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Movie Review: 300 – Heavenly Bodies

Yes, 300 wonderfully toned heavenly male bodies on your screen.

300 Gorgo, Leonidas, Xerxes
A sample of the heavenly bodies

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Inventions: Remote Wrangler – I Am In Full Control

Are you a couch potato?

Do you spend your days and nights in afront of your black 40″ LCD TV complete with the latest DVD/Blu-ray player and wireless surround sound speakers?

Do you have a bazillion number of remote controls for all your sexy hardware?

If that’s the case, then you will definitely be in need of this marvelous invention. It takes the headache and hassle away from keeping track of all your remote controls. You read it right, this amazing product of the human mind will make sure that you will never have to waste another second trying to find your remote controls!

Gawk at the wonder that is the Multimedia Remote Control Wrangler (because nothing says ‘I am in full control of my life’ quite like the Remote Wrangler).

Remote Wrangler
My mom always told me to use my head.
I wonder if this is what she meant…