Osaka Day 2 – Work, Boys, and More Boys!


I woke up at around 6:00AM to get ready for the first day of work. It was hectic. I almost drowned in the sea of black and brown jackets worn by the busy, busy office people raring to get to work. The Japanese have a certain strut, a very brisk and fast strut. I walk very leisurely, so I would be considered as a jama or nuisance, a hindrance to the otherwise steady influx of the marching Japanese workforce.

I found it quite hard to keep up with their pace. I tried to keep my own, but it was hard to go against the mob.

As I was seated inside the subway, I delighted in the fact that there were several school boys on the same car as I. Lucky! They wore suits for uniforms. They were tall, slender and have stylish hair. Now, I know where they get their inspiration for making bishoujo animes like Ouran High School Host Club with all the gorgeous women and even more gorgeous men.

After several stations of staring at the yummy school boys, we finally got to our stop—Osaka Business Park. I didn’t have enough time to appreciate the skyscrapers that painted the scenery of OPB. In between the rushing and the freezing cold, there’s really not much time left for leisure, is there?

When we got to the lobby of our building, I forgot my office ID and had to use another one. I used my very elementary Japanese to explain the situation, somehow, the receptionist was able to understand it and handed me a guest ID. Our office was on the 34th floor. We were ushered to be seated in a small desk that we were to share.

So, we go about the workings of the office. I was toured to the vending machine, the pantry, and the little ladies room. During lunch break, we went down to the 22nd floor to get some food. That would be my first of many cafeteria lunches and dinner.

I had burger steak with a sunny egg on top and some rice. The serving was healthy and I enjoyed it. It was expensive, but nothing comes cheap here. Unlike the Philippines, we clean up for ourselves. It was an easy enough task for anyone, I wonder why we don’t practice this back home. It would save time and energy and promotes discipline, not to mention it would prompt messy eaters to not be messy! Hooray!

After lunch, we went to the kombini again. Just when I thought that a convenience store could not get any more convenient—it was! The convenience store was located just above the cafeteria on the 23rd floor. Nifty! I don’t have to battle the winter wind just to get my fix of senbai (rice crackers, love those things).

It was time to go back to work. The office was quiet and people hardly talked to each other, unless it was work-related. I had numerous trips to the little girls’ room to stretch my legs and my back because of my uncomfortable chair, who fails to accommodate by rear. My office space was so much better and more comfortable than this.

Dinner came and we went down to the 22nd floor again. The canteen we went to during lunch was already closed, so we had to go to the one on the opposite side. I had kare udon (noodles with curry sauce). It was very good and tasty.

We had overtime, as expected, and went home at 2AM. The subways were closed and we had to ride the taxi home. The gentleman who manned the taxi wore a uniform complete with bow tie. He was probably in his early 50s. He had a warm smile and a heavy Osakan accent (Kansai-ben).

There was no traffic in sight and the taxi eased through the streets, cruising through corners and narrow passageways. For sure, taxis rule the streets at night.

After a few misguided curves (misguided by moi) by the taxi around our block, we finally got home. The fare was a whooping ¥1850.

After my nightly rituals, I was off to bed.

Good night, Japan!


4 Responses to “Osaka Day 2 – Work, Boys, and More Boys!”

  1. 1 aYa_sToRm
    January 24, 2008 at 1:32 pm

    me want senbai too!!!! omiyage kudasai! XD

  2. 2 jenlee
    January 24, 2008 at 2:56 pm

    at long last ur in japan!ho ho ho!:) nalingaw ko og basa sa imong blog. hope u, D(j)ustine and Bernice are having fun…see u soon!:)

  3. January 24, 2008 at 3:09 pm

    hahaha…overtime as expected! How’s the food in Japan? Is it good as they say it is? boku mo, omiyage kudasai. XDDDDD

  4. January 24, 2008 at 3:22 pm

    @Minna-san Hai. Hai. Wakatta. Omiyage o motte kuru.

    @jenlee hehehe lagi see you soon. magpalibre ko sa imong birthday

    @BeLe The food is great. There’s so many to choose from. You’re only limited to the amount of money you’d want to spend :p

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