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Stalker Moves

I finally saw the bishie again. He came to the office a few hours ago and sat behind me. I can’t bring myself to take a picture of him (at least not upfront), especially not here in the office.

Gomen ne, stalker-sensei (I am sorry, stalker master). This was the best I could do.


Osaka Day 4 – Getting to Know Umeda and Nanba


We were scheduled to go to Umeda for some shopping and sale hunting! We went to HEP Five, a building with a big red ferris wheel on top. We tried to find UNIQLO, the Japanese version of Giordano, or so they say. UNIQLO was a bit elusive at first, but after seeking help from some of the locals and a cute-looking guy, we were able to arrive at our destination. Unfortunately, we were a bit early at 10AM. Most of the shops were scheduled to open at 11AM.

I stopped to observe the passerbys. Contrary to common belief, a lot of families go out during the weekends. I saw a lot of ultra kawaii (cute) kids with their parents merrily walking and spending some quality time together. The Japanese are not as workaholic as they appear to be. The kids looked adorable donning their winter wear, with their teeny tiny bubble jackets and all. All of them seem to have a healthy blush on them, which only magnified their cuteness and moe factor >__< I would have liked to take a picture with them, but I’m afraid that the parents might call the police on me shouting “PEDO!!! PEDO!!!”



Snow! Snow! Snow!


I was at Kyoto earlier today and there was SNOW! I never dreamed that I would ever experience snow in my life. I could say that snow is just like ice shavings being dropped from the sky.

So, if you want to know what it feels like to have snow, just go to your nearest favorite halo2x shop and ask for some ice shavings to be thrown at your face. That’s snow. That would be the best way I could describe it.

Oh, and I just hi-jacked an unsecured wireless connection to post this. Anyhow, more updates soon. Good night!



Osaka Day 3 – Close Encounter with a Bishie


We were running late for our second day of work. It was another hectic morning to the office and we barely made it on time. On top of that, I did not see any school boys 😦


Osaka Day 2 – Work, Boys, and More Boys!


I woke up at around 6:00AM to get ready for the first day of work. It was hectic. I almost drowned in the sea of black and brown jackets worn by the busy, busy office people raring to get to work. The Japanese have a certain strut, a very brisk and fast strut. I walk very leisurely, so I would be considered as a jama or nuisance, a hindrance to the otherwise steady influx of the marching Japanese workforce.


Osaka Day 1 – Osaka, Here I Come!

After more than two years working at a Japanese company, I have been, by some stroke of divine intervention, finally in Japan! I have decided to log this momentous event in my life by blogging my day-to-day misadventures here! I hope I can sustain writing about my sojourn in Osaka 😀