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Really Long Vacation

Tomorrow, I am going home to Davao!  I am pretty stoked that I will be away from work for 10 days! YEAH!

I will be coming back to Cebu on April 9, do not expect updates on the blog till then.  I’ll definitely be blogging about my vacation when I return.  Hope to find some comments when I get back. 😀


Smell The Roses Or Look At The Sky

I arrived from work just a few minutes ago. As I went through the gate something unexpected happened. I gazed up to look at the clear sky and at that exact same moment, I saw a shooting star. It took me about a second or two to realize what I just saw. Quite a coincidence, I must say. I found myself smiling in disbelief.

Sometimes you just have to stop and smell the roses, or in my case, stop and look at the sky and get to see a shooting star. It doesn’t really matter, the important thing is that you STOP and take some time out from your busy life and take notice of God’s beautiful creations (other than ourselves, of course *wink*).


Life Is Fleeting

I have been thinking about life and death recently. Admittedly, this kind of thinking is unusual for me unless required, like in Philosophy classes. However, life has a way of biting you in the rear and punching you in the face to wake you up. I cannot help but think that death is years away, but it is not — we are not immortals.

Why this sudden shake up of my thinking you say?

Well, someone I know had been diagnosed with cancer a few years back. He is valiant and courageous in fighting the battle against his condition. A month ago, he was rushed to the hospital because his stomach was bleeding internally and he lost a lot of blood. He had an operation on the same day.

On the first day I visited him, I held his hand and looked at how weak he was from the cancer and from his recent operation. It broke my heart and almost drove me to tears seeing this person so pale, tired, and worn-out. It was then, I realized that at anytime this person could be taken away from me.

Through the grace of God, he recovered, but what about the next time? What if something happened to me? Or someone else dearer to me?

So, now I am trying to always be happy and tell the people I love that I love them. This paradigm shift is so dire that I am even contemplating on moving back to Davao and giving up my year’s worth of plans of work and life that I have right now.

Life is fleeting. Thus, I urge you to evaluate your life now.

If it is within your capacity and it is your desire to work close to home, then do so. If you wish to travel the world and you can do it now, then by all means do it. If you haven’t said ‘I love you’ lately to someone whom you care so deeply, please do not hold back.

I know work is important, it keeps us afloat in this world. I know planning for the future is important. However, do not get caught up in the future that you forget to live for today. What good are plans when you may not live to fulfill them? Do not let work steal your time away from your loved ones.

Life is fleeting, do what you must and do it now.


Gadget: Duck Fadar – Come To The Duck Side

I have been secretly studying on how to become an evil overlord, learning the art of betrayal, fine tuning the pitch of my sinister laughter, brushing up on my list of lies and alibis, and a whole lot more of sinful acts (more of that next time).

Today, I would like to discuss one of the most overlooked part of being a villain — hygiene.

As it seems, even morally filthy evil beings find hygiene to be an important part of their malicious existence. Of course, what separates us from normal beings, is that we have a certain artifact as a bath companion.

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Gadget: Self-Stirring Mug – This Is INSTANT Coffee

Tired of doing the same old routine of stirring your coffee?

Is washing spoons just not your cup of tea?

Have fears of possibly getting blind because of the evil teaspoon sticking out from your mug while you are trying to enjoy your beverage?

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Movie Review: 300 – Heavenly Bodies

Yes, 300 wonderfully toned heavenly male bodies on your screen.

300 Gorgo, Leonidas, Xerxes
A sample of the heavenly bodies

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New Project Group Assignment

I just got assimilated to a new project group to proxy one of their members because she got pulled out to help in another project. Anyway, I got her module and I have to handle all her tasks from now on.

I already have deliverables due on Monday. I think I made good progress with my tasks today. I hope I get to finish them in time for my deadlines.

(Wow, this entry came out very positive sounding despite the unfavorable situation that I am in.)

Random thought: Is there a scientific explanation as to why (most?) software engineers (my friends and myself included) are more productive during the evenings? Even as a student, I found that I was able to code more effectively during nighttime.