Retro Blog Entry: Trash Bin Murder

Warning: Not for the faint of heart, blog entry circa 2005


I witnessed a horrible crime last night… You would always think that bad things only happened to other people, but never to yourself. You would think that it would just be the stuff that you would hear about over the radio or watch on prime-time news, but never something that you would actually live through.

I can’t keep it in anymore! I need to share what happened… I really need to let this out. Keeping it would only make me even more restless than I already am. My friends told me to keep my mouth shut… Oh God, you know I tried to forget about it. For the sake of my friends, I’ve tried to shut out what happened… but it keeps haunting me… I’m driving myself mad… ARGH!!!

I’M SORRY GUYS… I HAVE TO CONFESS… I hope they’ll forgive me… for this betrayal that I am about to commit…

Well, let me start my tale, the sooner I finish the sooner I can face my demons. Yesterday, a number of companies came to visit our school for this year’s Jobs Fair, which aimed to give graduating students at our school an opportunity to start their job seeking early. After fighting through hordes of other graduating students for a little face time with the different company representatives, I along with my friends decided to rest our weary feet at our food court. It was about 4:30pm, we spent the next 2 hours talking about anything and everything. We were waiting for 7:00pm to come so we will be able to go to one of our classmates birthday bash.

Time passed much slower than usual. Perhaps, it was because we were waiting. Anyway, we kept on waiting, chatting, nothing out of the ordinary really. Then finally, it was 7:00pm and it seemed like everything would just be all right. I was looking forward to going to our friend’s house and enjoying a good meal, little did I know what was going to happen.

We walked a few blocks to get to where Lerry parked her maroon pick-up. We got in to Lerry’s pick-up, rather excited to finally be going to the party. She backed up from the parking lot… Then… we heard a subtle thud.

We did not really mind it at first. We thought it could just be a rock the ricocheted with the car’s metal body. After driving a few more meters, the noise was reverberating steadily and much louder now… we were now a bit worried. We knew that we hit something, but we were too scared to ask the question that we all wanted to… “What the hell did we hit?”

We stopped near a gas station. The air was filled with tension and nervous smiles. We looked at each other, knowing what would happen next… Somebody had to be brave enough to go down and find out what we hit. Dru hesitantly volunteered. He looked at the back of the car… he found nothing. We beckoned him to look near the driver side, since that was where the noise was coming from. Much to our horror, this was what he found…

Stuck on Lerry’s car

Oh the horror!!!

Yes… as hard as it is to believe, it is true. We hit a rubber trash bin and it got stuck at the front wheel of the driver side. The trash bin was from where Lerry parked her pick-up and it got stuck and traveled an estimated 20 to 30 meters from where it was originally placed. People at public vehicles eyed us with much as much horror, a girl crossing the street watched the “victim” intently as Dru tried with all his might to rescue it. After a few more uncomfortable and seemingly long couple of minutes, we resigned and decided to properly park the car. As Lerry put the car in reverse, the trash bin broke free from its unspeakable condition. We did not waste any time, Dru and the others quickly got in the car and we drove away. It was a hit and run… We left the victim’s body sprawled in the middle of the road…

Victim lying dead on the road

The victim

The authorities are trying to find us now…

They have dubbed us as “The Trash Bin Murderers.”

The trash bin murderers

Cold-blooded murderers!!

You guys can laugh now… hehehehe 😀


1 Response to “Retro Blog Entry: Trash Bin Murder”

  1. 1 aYa_sToRm
    February 23, 2007 at 10:22 am

    The trash bin is not a pig!

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