Through My Four Eyes

We interrupt our regular programming to bring you this not so important announcement…

After a long absence in the blogging scene, I have finally come back to wreak havoc once more on unsuspecting blog readers!

Err… who are you? Uhm… I used to blog at theSpoke under the name achiabs.

So, why are you here? Well, when theSpoke transferred to a new server, I was not able to register and move my entries into the new one in time, thus all my entries were deleted 😦

How long has that been? It has been approximately two years since.

Now, what made you come back? I recently started another blog, The Scrumptious Anime Blog, with my friend absolute0 and I’ve been bitten by the blog bug once again.

Who are you again? Oh, I’m Seleria and yes, that is not my real name.

Through your four eyes? Uhm… I wear glasses >.>

So, what now? We now return to our regular programming of Rare Ugly Sharks


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